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Core Texts for Health Sciences and Nursing

Core Texts in the Library

The Sacred Heart Library has a number of texts in its collection that are used in many health science and nursing classes. Most of the physical texts are non-circulating, and are available for in-library-use only at the Health Sciences and Nursing Library in the Center for Health Education. However, many more of these core texts are ebooks that are easily and readily available through the library website. 

Simply click from any of the subject areas on the left to see what titles you can potentially access as a backup when necessary. Besides these class texts, we've also included information on available library texts for several relevant subject areas. 

A Request from Your Librarians

If this guide says that we have a physical title but you are unable to find it in its specified location, please let either one of your health science librarians know using our contact information on the left hand side of this page. We will remove the title accordingly until the book has been located or if a replacement copy has been purchased and added to the collection.