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Baron, Shari Library Data & Building Manager 203-371-7705
Cioffi, Renata Director of Library Data & Budget 203-371-7700
D'Agostino, Kristina Reference Librarian P/T 203-371-7726
Denny, Mark  Manager of Library Instructional Services Support & Technology  203-396-8278
Ferriby, Gavin  University Librarian  203-396-8283
Knapik, Libby Director of Instructional Library Services 203-365-4816
Komornik, Emily Discovery and Metadata Services Librarian 203-371-7749
Luchars, Susan Resources Development & Assessment Librarian 203-371-7701
Lysobey, Beverly Scholarly Publication & Metadata Services Librarian 203-365-4855
Vacant Education, Reference and User Services Librarian    
Orrico, Jeff Director of Digital Library Services 203-365-4841
Patrick, Linda Resources Management Assistant

Rogers-Ho, Beth Reference Librarian P/T 203-371-7726
Santoro-Dillon, Deana Library Scholarly Publication and Metadata Assistant 203-396-8274
Smith, Sharaya User Services Assistant 203-371-7703
Staysniak, Geoffrey Director of the Health Sciences and Nursing Library


mobile: 475-210-1312
Thompson, Erin Research Librarian for Social and Health Sciences 203-520-8196