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Using LibKey Nomad Video Tutorial


Using LibKey Nomad

In this short video, you will learn how to use LibKey Nomad to access full text articles no matter where you are searching online.

Using the free Chrome browser plugin LibKey Nomad while you research allows you to easily access the full text of library materials from anywhere online, whether you are looking at Wikipedia, publishers’ websites, PubMed, or your favorite search tool. If the library has access to any of the cited articles on a webpage, you will be able to access it with one click.

To begin using LibKey Nomad, open your Google Chrome browser, go to settings, and click “Extensions”.
Chrome Browser Settings
Extensions in Chrome Settings

Click on the menu button and click the link to “Open Chrome Web Store”. In the Chrome Web Store search for “LibKey Nomad”.
Open Chrome Web Store from Chrome Extensions
Search for LibKey Nomad in Chrome Web Store

To install the plugin, click the “Add to Chrome” button next to the LibKey Nomad result and then click the “Add extension” button.
LibKey Nomad Extension in Chrome Web Store
LibKey Nomad Add Extension button

On the next page select “Sacred Heart University” from the dropdown list of libraries. After restarting the browser, you are ready to use the LibKey Nomad plugin while researching.
LibKey Nomad Setup Page

To use the LibKey Nomad plugin, simply start your research online. If the plugin finds a citation that you have access to through SHU Library, it will inject a button that states “Download PDF” or “Article Link”. To view the full text of the article, simply click the button.
PubMed search with LibKey Nomad buttons

Please note that if you are off-campus when you click the LibKey Nomad button, you may need to log in with your SHU username and password.

If you have any questions about using LibKey Nomad, feel free to contact us at the library!

PDF Transcript