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Embedding Library Content Video Tutorial

In this short video, you will learn how to embed Library content into your courses in Blackboard Ultra.


Embedding Library Content in Blackboard

The SHU library’s research guides or database lists can now be embedded directly into a course on Blackboard.

To begin, sign into Blackboard ( and select the desired course. Within the Course Content section, click on the + sign in the middle of the course content area and select Content Market.
Blackboard Content Market

Locate the box titled LibGuides in the Content Market and click on the + sign in the lower right corner.

Now, click on newly created LibGuides listed under your Course Content. Clicking on the item will activate the tool that will pull from the Library’s website. From the first drop-down menu, choose “Research Guides -”

Your next selections will depend on what you want embedded into your course. You have several options to choose from: a Full LibGuide, a Single Page, a Content Box from a specific guide, or the A-Z list of Databases. Contact your liaison librarian or Jeff Orrico ( if you need help deciding what the best options are for your courses. We can also collaborate on specialized resources for your students’ needs.

This following example will add a full research guide into your Blackboard course.

  • Libguides site: Research Guides –
  • Content Type: Full LibGuide
  • Guide: Navigating the Research Process

LibApps Library Content Selection Box

After clicking embed content, you will want to change the default name LibGuides. To rename it click the 3 dots on the right of the screen and select edit.
Edit LibGuides Course Content

Now that the content is embedded, whenever you, as the instructor, click on the content item you will see a landing page where you can choose to edit or view that content.
Faculty View of Content Box in Blackboard

When students click on the link you have created in the course, it will take them directly to the content you selected, opening inside of a frame window within Blackboard.

If you need help embedding library content in Blackboard or have any other questions, please contact us at the library.

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