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Persistent Links / Permalinks: Creating Stable Links to Electronic Resources

where to locate persistent links with most databases

Creating Persistent Links/Permalinks to Library Resources

Persistent links, permalinks, or stable links are URLs that link to specific articles that should not change over time. Copying an article's URL from the address bar won't work in many cases. 

The process of creating stable links vary from resource to resource. Use the tabs to the left to learn how to setup persistent links for many of our most popular resources.

To comply with copyright laws, you should link to an article in your online course or website using a persistent link rather than uploading the PDF or text file.  

Links to most (not all) of the content the library subscribes to must begin with the following proxy string below. Otherwise, these resources will not be accessible off campus.

Open access resources and other freely available materials found online will not work if the proxy prefix is added. 

Please remember that stable links are not available for every resource and some may become unstable after a period of time. It's a good idea to review all links in your online course before the beginning of each semester. 

If you need assistance please contact us: