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Open Textbook Guide

Open Textbook Repositories 

If you couldn't find any open textbooks among the selected titles in this guide that meet your needs, don't worry! There are numerous sites out there where you can browse for potentially relevant resources.

Several of the largest and most commonly-used open textbook repositories have been linked below for quick and convenient access. 

Other Strategies for Locating Open Textbooks

1.) If you're searching for more open textbooks on a particular subject, there's no need to reinvent the wheel. Chances are that another academic institution has taken the time to carefully curate a list for a specific topic or program. Try looking for other library guides similar to this one. For example, if you are searching for open access textbooks on anatomy, try searching with phrases like "anatomy open access textbook libguide" in your search engine of choice. 

2.) Ask your own SHU librarians for assistance with seeing what open textbooks and other resources are out there for your potential use! We are always happy to help. If you're not sure who your specific subject librarians are, then you can check here.