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Sacred Heart University Library Newsletter for Adjunct Faculty 13-Supplement (January 2018)

A newsletter for adjunct faculty

Library Newsletter for Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct faculty play an important role in the teaching and learning of the University.  Librarians know that adjuncts come in many varieties, from many backgrounds and walks of life.
What all adjuncts have in common is very limited time.  This is a quick summary of library services, resources, and people that are here for you --librarians make no distinctions between working with adjunct faculty and full-time faculty.

Library Spaces

Library Spaces

Adjunct faculty are always welcome in the library, and many choose to meet students in non-confidential settings in Chartwell's Starbuck's Library Cafe, typically open from 10 AM to evening hours (but closed on weekends).  Many adjuncts also choose to work in the library, especially in the mornings, when the building is sometimes less busy.  Unfortunately, the library does not have spaces set aside for adjuncts to use, either as study space or space for consultation with students.

The Library's physical spaces are frequently very busy owing to the growth of the size of the University's enrollment, and the increasing complexity and variety of academic programs. The library's Group Study Rooms are reserved at all times for student use --those are the only reservable rooms on campus for student groups to pursue group assignments and work for classes.  Rooms that appear vacant at any particular time are liable (and likely) to have been reserved by a student group and in use within thirty minutes.  Although this policy has occasionally caused friction, the Office of the Provost supports the library's policy of reserving group studies for student use only.

All University faculty are always welcome in the library.  The Library exists to support the university's teaching and learning in a wide variety of contexts and modalities.  Please contact us if you have further questions or comment!