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Sacred Heart University Library Newsletter for Adjunct Faculty 13-Supplement (January 2018)

A newsletter for adjunct faculty

Library Newsletter for Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct faculty play an important role in the teaching and learning of the University.  Librarians know that adjuncts come in many varieties, from many backgrounds and walks of life.
What all adjuncts have in common is very limited time.  This is a quick summary of library services, resources, and people that are here for you --librarians make no distinctions between working with adjunct faculty and full-time faculty.

Library Resources

Library Resources

You have full access to all the library’s digital and printed resources, both on and off campus with your SHU username and password.  If you wish to create an account with a database or service (for example, JSTOR or QuickSearch), you can do that using either your own ID and password or your SHU username and password.  Please note that these external services will not automatically update your password every six months when the SHU network forces you do update it.  You are welcome to check out books and DVDs from the library, and you have the same borrowing terms and privileges as full-time faculty.
Faculty can also make ILL (interlibrary loan) requests using that SHU username and password.  Requests for book chapters and articles will be made available to you online, so you don't ever have to come in to the library.  (Note: those e-mail messages may go to your "spam" or "junk" email folder --see the service note in the Library Newsletter for [All] Faculty 13, January 2018).
You can read digital journals on a workstation, laptop, tablet, or phone using Browzine, a kind of digital "journal reading room."  See this library page for more information about how to set this up.
The Library welcomes recommendations for purchase from adjunct faculty --go to this page. You can also search Choice Reviews for useful and relevant publications and digital resources.
Library technology for computing, printing, photocopying, scanning, and some specialized software is available to you –please see this page for more information.