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Sacred Heart University Library Newsletter for Adjunct Faculty 13-Supplement (January 2018)

A newsletter for adjunct faculty

Library Newsletter for Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct faculty play an important role in the teaching and learning of the University.  Librarians know that adjuncts come in many varieties, from many backgrounds and walks of life.
What all adjuncts have in common is very limited time.  This is a quick summary of library services, resources, and people that are here for you --librarians make no distinctions between working with adjunct faculty and full-time faculty.

Library Services

Library Services

Librarians are happy to help you create, identify, or present instructional, content resources in the classroom.  They have also prepared do-it-yourself resources --citation style guides and video tutorials are especially popular.

You can place physical items in the library's collections on reserve, and request help with placing digital items on electronic reserve.  A new way to present those digital items to your students in the classroom is Library Resource Builder --you can see videos to help you here.
The Library has created information sheets that give an overview of research in business, education, health sciences, and humanities --these can be very helpful for your students when you assign research and writing.
Librarians will also be happy to assist you with preparation of course-specific library research guides that can be embedded --whole or in part-- into your Blackboard course shell.  Embedding such content is a great way to avoid cumbersome cut-and-paste of links and content into your course.  The video Embedding Library Content will show you more how to do this.
Adjunct faculty can also set up SelectedWorks pages, an application that is closely related to DigitalCommons.  For example, see this page for Marta Korytkowska, an adjunct teacher of Speech & Language Pathology. Please note that a Selected Works page belongs to you --if you leave or discontinue teaching at this University, you will still have access to your page, including editing and updating.