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ChatGPT and AI in the Classroom

List of ChatGPT and AI Detection Tools


As you explore available A.I. detection tools, please be aware that they do NOT have perfect detection capabilities. Their varying effectiveness may also wane over time as ChatGPT and other chatbots continue to improve and "train" through updates and usage. If you choose to utilize any of these detectors, it's strongly recommended that you do NOT use them as a primary strategy for adapting to A.I. use amongst students. As shown by many of the articles linked on this page, a growing amount of research has revealed that detection tools can have very significant rates of false positives and negatives.

Instead of detector-centric approaches, Faculty and administrators are looking increasingly to strategies like the ones you'll find on the Teaching Guidance and Strategies page of this guide, or the ChatGPT & Artificial Intelligence Guidance page from the Center for Teaching and learning. 

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Scholarly Articles About AI Detection


Due to the relative newness of ChatGPT, most of the scholarly articles written about it are preprints that have not yet undergone peer-review.