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Sage Data (formerly called Data Planet)

Exploring Claritas Consumer Profiles in Data Planet

In Data Planet, the statistics in the Claritas Consumer Profiles Consumer Counts, Market Potential Index, and Market Penetration indicators are best viewed as ranking charts. For example, to explore which segments have the most consumers that engage in basketball, first select Subject = Sports, which changes the listing of Behaviors to sports-related activities. Use the pop-out to search for basketball: 

To view a ranking of segments, use the Rank by options in the center tool bar to select Segment as the rank option: 


Click on Rank to return the chart below, which ranks segments by count of adults in a segment who have played basketball in the past 12 months:


As you can see, the chart is very dense—because there are so many segments, it is difficult to easily view them in a single chart. In these cases, consider using Chart Options to limit the number of segments included, for example to the top 10—you might also wish to change the default chart view to one of the other options available:

The implementation of Claritas Consumer Profiler datasets in Data Planet allows you to compare indicators across states, counties, zip codes, and census tracts, so be sure to explore the many options available to do so. For more information on selecting data for viewing, click here.