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Health Sciences Library Research Module

Citation Resources from the SHU Library 

For assistance with citing your research, the Sacred Heart University Library has organized a collection of helpful resources together for convenient and easy access on its Citation Help page. These resources include: 

  • Citation Quick Guides - Downloadable quick reference guides that show how to properly cite the most commonly used scholarly resources in the major citation styles used at Sacred Heart, like APA and AMA 
  • Zotero Video Tutorials -  The library has several video tutorials explaining how to install and use Zotero, the free and popular citation management tool that provides users the ability to easily save, organize, and cite research
  • Additional APA Resources - There is a video tutorial the explains the essentials of citing in APA and also a walkthrough tutorial you can use to become comfortable with the APA citation style 
  • Helpful Links - There are also several links to useful resources located outside the library website. These include detailed citation guides from Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (the Purdue OWL) and the ZoteroBib free online citation generator tool 

You can click here to access and explore the SHU Library's Citation Help page.  You can also easily access it anytime on the library website by seeking out the Research Support link on the library website's navigation bar and clicking the Citation Help link in the dropdown menu. 

An Important Warning About Citation Tools

Although the recommended Zotero resources are some of the most reliable tools available for helping with APA or AMA citations, it is important to remember that no citation software or tool is perfect. They will sometimes make mistakes, which is why whenever you use any tool to generate citations, you always need to check them over to make sure that they are correct. If you do not remember to check your citations, then you risk accidental plagiarism because of incorrect citing.