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Research 911


In this short video, you will learn how to use Zoterobib to quickly create citations and a Bibliography for your research paper.


Research 911: Zoterobib

Got that paper about done? But wait! What about the bibliography?!

Zoterobib can help you quickly create a bibliography and citations in almost any style, including, APA, MLA, AMA, and Chicago.

To begin using Zoterobib, open a new browser tab and navigate to Simply copy the URL of a resource that you are using, paste it into the Zoterobib Cite box, and click the “Cite” button.
Zoterobib Cite box

A citation will be created and added to your temporary Bibliography below.
Zoterobib generated citation

If you need to edit the generated citation, click the “Edit” button, make your edit, and click "Done".
Zoterobib Edit form

Next, choose the citation style that you need to use by selecting the correct style from the Style dropdown under the Bibliography section.
Zoterobib Citation styles options

To add more citations to your bibliography, keep the Zoterobib browser tab open and repeat the previous copy and paste steps for the rest of your resources. This will build out your bibliography.

To export the bibliography to your paper, click “Copy to Clipboard” under the Export section.
Zoterobib Copy to Clipboard button

Open your paper document and paste your bibliography using the Merge Formatting option. Don’t forget to format the page correctly!
Paste Bibliography into Word with Merge Formatting

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at the library!

PDF Transcript

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