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Research 911

Finding Subject Databases

In this short video, you will learn how to quickly find useful databases related to the subject of your research paper.


Research 911: Finding Subject Databases

Are you trying to do research in a specific subject and Google is just not cutting it? The SHU Library provides access to databases specific to a particular subject or field of study.

From the library’s homepage, click on the “Databases by Subject” link in the “Research Support” dropdown menu.
Databases by Subject link under Research Support

On the Databases by Subject page, you will be able to browse by subject or discipline, such as Business, Education, or Health Sciences. There are categories representing all of the fields of study at Sacred Heart University.
Databases by Subject page

Once you click on the subject you need, you will see all of the databases recommended for that field of study. Select the one that fits best and start searching!
History databases page

If you have any questions about finding subject databases, feel free to contact us at the library!

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