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Sacred Heart University Library Newsletter for Graduate Students No. 3, September 2019

Making life easier for busy graduate students

New Resource: PolicyMap

PolicyMap is an online U.S. national data and mapping tool and analytics platform with multidisciplinary applications for graduate students and faculty. 

Go directly to PolicyMap or see the Library's research guide.  This resource is browser-based; no software installation is necessary.

PolicyMap is useful for graduate curricula and research related to: 

  • social policy and social policy;
  • government, politics, and political science;
  • education and educational research;
  • urban studies;
  • real estate and housing analysis,
  • community and economic development,
  • public administration,
  • public health,
  • business, economics, statistics, and geography, among others.

Users can leverage thousands of U.S. data indicators in PolicyMap to perform demographic and socioeconomic analysis, from a neighborhood census block group in many cases, up to a national level, as well as create custom regions, for their research and studies.

PolicyMap's new Curriculum Resources site contains case study videos showing how it is being used in projects, as well as a repository, of actual data and mapping assignments, syllabi, papers, and projects that use or cite PolicyMap (sorted by disciplinary area). It also offers webinars with professors discussing how they use PolicyMap in their teaching.

You might be particularly interested in this  quick video about an actual assignment and student project,  in which students identify population health risks and develop data-driven responses and recommendations.  It gives a great example of how PolicyMap can be used in the classroom: