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Company and Industry Research

Starting your Research

Doing business research?  Searching for company info?  Looking for financial statements?  The SHU Library has almost everything you need to do even the most complex and involved business research.  There are several powerful databases that you can use to retrieve business and economics information on everything from stock reports to scholarly journal articles in management, economics, or marketing. 

Public or Private - Which one is your company?

From a research perspective, you will find that a public company’s information is easier to find. Public companies in the U.S. are listed on a major stock exchange & must "disclose," meaning they must make financial data and other information available. The SEC requires all public companies whose stock is traded on a U.S. stock exchange to file numerous reports.  In contrast a private company does not need to release this information.

Hoover's Company Records has information on both public and private companies, although there will likely be more public data available for public ones.  You can see an example of a private company below, as listed in Hoover's Company Records. 

Finding Private Company Information