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Communication Disorders Research Guide

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New CD and SLP Books

Anatomy of Physiology for Speech, Language, and Hearing, Sixth Edition

Provides a solid foundation in anatomical and physiological principles relevant to communication sciences and disorders.

Exercises for Voice Therapy

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The Unthinkable

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Acquired Language Disorders

The authors present each language disorder case from an impairment-based perspective with practical application to improving activities of daily living, as well as a social interactive perspective to create a holistic picture of each case.

Dysphagia: Clinical Management in Adults and Children

Provides the information needed to diagnose and manage swallowing disorders in patients of all ages.

Assessment in Speech-Language Pathology

The book covers the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of a wide range of communication disorders in adults and children.

Augmentative and Alternative Communications Perspectives

Provides readers with knowledge of practical applications, theoretical models, services and evidence-based solutions in the areas of assistive technology (AT) and augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). This book equips practicing clinicians, educators and students with the necessary background to use AT and AAC with their clients.