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Anti-Racism, Diversity and Inclusion: Building Your Context

A collection of general resources curated to support the enrichment of the Sacred Heart University community.


This guide was created in 2020 during the aftermath of the George Floyd murder and the growing protest movements around the world calling for racial justice and an end to systemic racism. It includes resources to better educate students and other university community members at Sacred Heart on race and racism in both the historical and contemporary United States. The guide gives starting resources on Being Anti-Racist, different Library Resources available, includes a list of Podcast & Media Recommendations, and concludes with Campus Resources found here at Sacred Heart University. It is hoped that these resources promote diverse views and voices that enable informed and empathetic discourse on campus and in your communities. 

Keep in mind that this is an evolving and non-exhaustive guide, please check back for future updates to content. Please contact to recommend additional materials to be included.    

Black Lives Matter Protest


This LibGuide takes inspiration from the work of other information professionals and educators: