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Anti-Racist and Diverse Voices

A collection of general and discipline-specific media sources curated to support educating students and the Sacred Heart University community.


In the aftermath of the George Floyd murder and the growing protest movements around the world calling for racial justice and an end to systemic racism, there has been a call for resources to better educate students and other university community members at Sacred Heart on race and racism in both the historical and contemporary United States of America. Additionally, there is a real need to bring much needed attention to discipline-specific resources that focus on anti-racism and diverse voices into the academic discourse on campus. This guide is an evolving collection of resources that can begin the process of meeting those needs. 

In the first section of this guide, you will find a listing of new materials on the subjects of diversity and inclusion that have been recently added to the Sacred Heart University Library collection. The following section, General, will direct you to a collection of general resources focused on the topics of race and racism and anti-racism. Further sections of this guide will focus on content that brings discipline-focused perspectives on these same issues, as well as incorporating space for diverse voices in these subject areas. The final section of this guide provides links to programming and services focused on diversity and inclusion at Sacred Heart University.

Keep in mind that this is an evolving guide to resources. Check back for future updates to content and feel free to contact the librarian in charge of this guide to recommend additional materials to be included.    

Black Lives Matter Protest