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DigitalCommons@SHU: Nuts & Bolts, Policies & Procedures

The place where you can find out all the stuff you wanted to know about SHU's Digital Commons site.



What is SelectedWorks?

SelectedWorks is a part of the Digital Commons network.  It provides faculty with personal sites to display and share scholarly publications, presentations, CV and other areas of interest.   SelectedWorks profile pages are available to Sacred Heart University faculty members with published content.  Your site compiles your information and scholarship in one place with options to upload materials or link to other sites that contain your work.  The Digital Commons Team at the library will create your SelectedWorks profile site for you.  Email any citations or CV to Deana Santoro-Dillon   Once the site is created, you will be able to update or edit at any time.  Profile pages may be as brief or extensive as you desire. 

The Digital Commons Team asks that you allow them to enter scholarly works that you publish while at SHU in order to ensure copyright policy/licensing.  They will be posted to both your department publications page in Digital Commons and your SelectedWorks site.  Please inform them of any new articles or scholarly works and send texts or pre-publication versions if you have them.  You may add any presentations or other works not displayed in your department faculty publications page in Digital Commons. 


What Are the Benefits?

  •  Compile your work in one place with options to upload material or link to other sites that contain your work
  •  Control how your material is organized by customizing your headings
  •  Expand your influence as your site is optimized for Google and Google Scholar searches
  •  Track how often users have viewed your material


How to edit a SelectedWorks Page

Go to Selected Works-

This is your professional website which can be customized and edited by you.  In order to login and edit your account, you will need to:

1.  Click the menu in the upper right hand corner of the page, then click login.  You will be prompted for your email and password.  Click ‘forget password’ and use the link to create a password. 

 Once logged in, you can edit/update profile information, manage display categories and add works. 


Customizing your profile:

1.  Hover your cursor over the introductory section to reveal the blue pen icon.  Click on icon to add any text.  Click save

2.  To add About info- click on About tab and hover your cursor above a section to reveal icons, enter information.  Click save

3. To add works- You can add works by uploading a file, adding a link, adding metadata and importing works.                       

            1.  Click on the Works link. 

            2.  Click add works.  To add a file from your computer or other sources such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive, choose  Upload a File.

                 To upload a link, click Add a Link and provide the full URl address. 

                 Use Add Metadata to upload content details (title, abstract, etc.).

                 To retrieve all works in the DigitalCommons system associated with your name and email, select Import Works. 

            3.  Select type of work and click Add to Profile. 


Managing works:

To edit or remove content – Click on the Edit icon.

To remove works-

            1.  Click on the red Trash icon.

            2.  A prompt to confirm the action will appear, click continue.


A complete user guide is available at