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UpToDate is an online, evidence-based point-of-care support tool with topic reviews covering medical symptoms, tests and diagnosis, and treatment options for over 8,500 conditions. After creating an account with UpToDate, you will be able to access this valuable tool from anywhere on their website and through their Apple and Android apps.

Creating an Account

Before you can use this tool, you will need to create a personal account with UpToDate. If you use your SHU username when creating your account, on future visits you will be automatically logged into your UpToDate account when accessing their website through our UpToDate links on this page.

Follow these steps to create your account:

  1. Go to UpToDate.
  2. Authenticate with your SHU credentials.
  3. Click “Register Now”.
  4. Fill out the registration form (recommended to use your SHU username).
  5. Click “Submit” to submit the form.
  6. Accept the User License.
    If using their mobile app:
  7. Download the UpToDate app to your mobile device.
  8. Open the UpToDate app.
  9. Log into the app with your UpToDate account.

Create Your Account

PLEASE NOTE: In order to maintain uninterrupted access to UpToDate, you must verify your continued affiliation with SHU once every 90 days by logging in to your UpToDate account from an on-campus computer or wifi, remotely via the SHU VPN, or anywhere via the link below.

Returning Users

Returning users simply log on directly to UpToDate online or their app with their UpToDate account.

Verify Your Account

Every 90 days you can verify your account by accessing your UpToDate account using the following link:

Verify Your Account