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Navigating the Research Process

Here you will find a set of modules to help you through the research process. NOTE: It doesn't matter what subject or topic you need to research. This guide will help you through any research assignment.

Each tab on the left-hand side corresponds to a different part of the research process. The best way to use these modules is to complete each one as you get to that step in your research. You can take as much time as you need. Remember to complete the Knowledge Checks at the end!

The Research Process

  • The topic: This can be assigned by your professor, or you might have your pick.
  • Understanding keywords: Once you have your topic figured out, you have to think about how to search for information about it. Enter keywords.
  • Sources are probably the most important part of any research paper. We've divided the topic of Sources into three: Finding them, Evaluating them, and Reading them
  • Writing and Citing: You can't do all of the work of research without writing about what you found, and giving credit to them too.