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Software in the library: PCs and iMACs: Home

Overview of standard and specialized software available on the library computers

iMac Software in the library

Software Platform Description Version
iMac Software in the library
Chrome Mac Web browser  
Firefox Mac Web browser  
Image Capture Mac Transfer images and other items from the device  
iMovie Mac Organizes clips, turns them into films or trailers, and them can be watched anywhere with iMovie theater,  
iPhoto Mac Organize and edit Photos  
iTunes Mac Play music, movies, TV, apps, audiobooks, and more  
Microsoft Office 2011 Windows Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access 2011
Preview Mac Image viewer  
QuickTime Player Mac Media Player  
Safari Mac Web browser  
TextEdit Mac Text editor  


PC sottware in the LIbrary

Software Platform Description Version
PC Software in the library
Chrome Windows Web Browser  
Firefox Windows Web Browser  
IBM SPSS Windows Predictive analytics software  
Internet Explorer Windows Web Browser  
iTunes Windows Play music, movies, TV, apps, audiobooks  
Microsoft Office 2010 Windows Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access 2010
Stn-cas Windows

Chemical Structure drawing and searching for the STN online system available from Chemical Abstracts Services