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Sacred Heart University Library Newsletter for Faculty No. 19 (October 2019)

Never Enough Time! Six Ways to Save It

Do you already feel like you've fallen behind? 

Especially with your own scholarly work?

It's mid-semester: time to feel the crunch!  Time is the coin of the realm for faculty --anything that takes a lot of time is expensive.  The Library suggests 1 app and 5 browser extensions to help you use your limited time more happily and productively.  Icons for all the extensions will appear in your browser's toolbar.

You need not use all of these --even one will save you time.  All are easy to set up and easy to learn.

A Quick Plan for Browzine + Four Browser Extensions

Here's a Quick Plan to Save Time:  (time required: about 8 minutes)
  • See the other pages of this newsletter for more detailed information about each of these apps or extensions.

  • Set up your Browzine in your browser
    • Your account name & password should not be exactly the same as your current SHU ID and password.  (SHU password will change in about six months; the Browzine password does not have to change.)
    • Be sure to select "Sacred Heart University" as your library, and enter your SHU ID and Password so the proxy service will work. (Browzine does not store this private information on any server; it stays on your workstation or device.) . If you have credentials to use another library that has Browzine, you can choose that library as well, and switch back and forth.
  • Add LibKey Nomad to Chrome and set up your library as Sacred Heart University.
  • Add the Zotero Connector, if you don't have it already, so that you can add citations to your Zotero libraries directly through your browser.
  • Add Unpaywall, which is a fast way to find legal open-access copy of articles and book chapters.
  • Add Google Scholar Button, which helps you to switch your Google searches to Google Scholar with one click.