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Sacred Heart University Library Newsletter for Faculty No. 16 (February 2019)

A Resource You Should Know About: Sports Market Analytics

A Resource You Should Know About: Sports Market Analytics

Sometimes a resource or database grows into something much better than it used to be -- see Sports Market Analytics.

Sports Market Analytics (SMA) was formerly known as SBRnet (Sports Business Research Network).  It has become a leading provider of sports marketing research in the United States. SMA features market research and industry news in the area of sports business. Contents include industry-developed market research, government statistics, facility reports and news, international market publications, customized research, and directories for governing bodies, college athletic, employment agencies, and marketing agencies.

Coverage includes sporting goods, sports e-commerce, sport marketing, sport sponsorship, sport facilities, sport broadcasting and new media, fantasy sports, eSports, consumer product brand share, demographics, mobile device usage patterns.

SMA includes wide-ranging content including all sports demographics, fantasy sports, online viewing trends, social media, sponsorship, fan market size, and TV viewing trends; Sporting goods, including financial summaries, equipment by product, imports, online purchase trends, total market for apparel, footwear, and equipment; Market segments including college sports, participation, women’s sports, and youth sports.

SMA provides full-text coverage since 2011 and is mobile-friendly.  A brief tutorial (.pptx) is available for more details.

A Service You Should Know About: Academic Video Online (AVON) Trial

A Service You Should Know About: Academic Video Online (AVON) Trial

The Library has arranged a campus-wide trial of Academic Video Online (AVON) from ProQuest.  This provides remote unlimited access to over 63,000 academic videos in numerous subjects prominent in the University curricula.  For example, AVON provides 2000+ video resources for the study of Psychology and Counseling.  Each video comes with a keyword-searchable transcript right inside the embeddable video player.  More information can be found in this online guide from ProQuest. A guide customized for Sacred Heart University Library will be published soon.

The Library wants to hear from faculty about AVON –would it meet your instructional needs? You can give your feedback using this form.  The trial will end on February 15, and the Library is committed to a permanent subscription as an alternate to Kanopy Streaming Video.

AVON has been highly recommended by other universities, and it is a well-qualified candidate to meet the University’s growing need for video at and affordable and stable cost.