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Biology Research Guide

How to do research in biology (and other sciences)

Circulating books in science are arranged using Library of Congress call numbers starting with Q and can be found on the Upper Level of the SHU Library.  Other libraries might use the National Library of Medicine classification system.


Subclass Q Science (General)   
Subclass QA Mathematics  
Subclass QB Astronomy  
Subclass QC Physics  
Subclass QD Chemistry  
Subclass QE Geology  
Subclass QH Natural History - Biology  
Subclass QK Botany  
Subclass QL Zoology  
Subclass QM Human Anatomy  
Subclass QP Physiology  
Subclass QR Microbiology  

Books and eBooks

Books and eBooks

Most of your research will be done through peer-reviewed research articles, but sometimes you'll need to find a book. Use the Library Catalog search box below to find the books you need!

Search for Books and eBooks

NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) eBook List