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Clinical Mental Health Counseling

This guide provides access to a set of ACA counseling journals.


Counseling Journals

The journals listed below are ACA (American Counseling Association) and affiliates suggested for research in the Clinical Mental Health program.

Sampling of Counseling Journals at SHU


List of ACA (American Counseling Association) and Affiliate Journals

Official ACA Journals

ACA Affiliate Journals

Would you like to Search Multiple Journals at the Same Time?

Would you like to Search Multiple Journals at the Same Time?

Here is a pre-set search that can help you find the articles that you need!

Search All the ACA Journals and some Affiliated ACA Journals

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What about the other ACA Affiliated Journals on Different Databases/Platforms?

Please search those databases individually from the journal list above!

The journals that need to be searched individually are:

ACA Journal Interfaces

These Journal Pages are Confusing! Help!

Have no fear! The interfaces are extremely confusing. You have a lot of searching options and capabilities with these interfaces, but the database companies don't make it easy. Let's discuss some of the key pieces of information and how to search on the journal page.

Here's an example page for the Journal of Counseling & Development


There's a lot of search bars and information here. The information itself is relatively straightforward. On the left side of the screen, there's information regarding the journal contract within the database. We can see under the heading "Full Text", that this database has journal issues from September 1, 1974 to the present. We can also see that there's a 12 month delay, or embargo, on this journal. We can read more about the embargo under the heading "Embargo type". The purpose of an embargo is to prevent the database from supplying current issues of the journal, so that the journal company/association can make money selling their newest issues outright to readers before turning them over to the library database. In this particular case, the journal enforces a year delay from the most current issue. Any issue that was published within the last year will not be available through the database. It's super annoying, but it's a very common practice.


On the right side of the record, you can browse for a specific issue by clicking the respective year of publication.


Searching the journal for articles with specific keywords is less straightforward. There are three different sections of search bars on the page. Each search bar does something different. To search the journal itself, you need to use the very last search bar that's labeled "search within this publication".

The first search "bar" (It's actually three search bars, but they function together. They're used for Boolean searches. You can learn more about Boolean searches HERE) searches ALL the articles within the database. The second search bar searches for journals (not articles) within the database. The third search bar is the one you want, which searches for articles within the specific journal.

If you're having any issues, please reach out to your friendly neighborhood librarian on the left side of the screen :) We'll help you navigate the confusing landscape of databases and journals!

Publication Finder

Publication Finder

Have a journal in mind? Did I leave out an ACA Journal from the list? Need to manually find the journal within a different database? Use Publication Finder to find it!