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Anatomy & Physiology Resource Guide



In this guide, you will find links to the library's anatomy and physiology resources available to you through the Sacred Heart Library. There are also links to resources sourced from the open web organized here for quick and easy access. 

This guide provides resources for five of the body's organ systems that commonly give students trouble. They are: Skeletal System, Muscle System, Circulatory System, Nervous System, and Urinary System

Do you need help studying other organ systems besides the ones listed? Check out the General Anatomy and Physiology Resources

This guide does NOT include histology slides, except for blood composition study resources in the circulatory system section.

Outline of Resources

Here's a breakdown of the resources and what information can be found within each section:

  • General Anatomy
    • Academic Resources, 3D Models, and Websites
  • Skeletal System
    • Bone Identification - Quizlet Flashcard Decks, Academic Resources, Websites, and 3D Models
    • Bone Anatomy (Bone Structure) - Videos and Academic Resources
    • Bone Physiology (Bone Remodeling) - Video 
    • Quick Clinical Overviews of Common Skeletal Diseases - Infographics
  • Muscle System
    • Undergraduate: Muscle Identification, Origin, Insertion, and Action (Mink Muscles) - Quizlet Flashcard Decks and Academic Resources
    • Graduate: Muscle Identification, Origin, Insertion, and Action (Human Muscles) - 3D Models, Websites, and Academic Resources
    • Muscle Anatomy - Website and Videos
    • Muscle Physiology - Website and Videos
  • Circulatory System
    • Heart Anatomy - Quizlet Flashcard Decks, Website, and Academic Resources
    • Blood Vessel Identification - Academic Resources
    • Blood Composition Identification - Quizlet Flashcard Decks
    • Circulatory Physiology (Blood flow, Cardiac Cycle, Homeostasis, etc.) - Videos and Website
    • Interpreting an Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) Resources - Academic Resource
    • Quick Clinical Overview of Circulatory Diseases - Infographic
  • Nervous System
    • Neuron Anatomy - Quizlet Flashcard Decks
    • Brain Anatomy and Identification - Quizlet Flashcard Decks
    • Identify Major Nerves - Website and Academic Resources
    • General Nervous System Anatomy - Videos, Website, and Academic Resources
    • Nervous System Physiology (Sympathetic, Parasympathetic, Action Potentials, Synapses, etc.) - Videos
    • Quick Clinical Overviews of Neurologic Diseases - Infographic
  • Urinary System 
    • Identify Renal Anatomy - Quizlet Flashcard Decks, a Website, Academic Resources, and a Video
    • Renal Physiology (Homeostasis, Filtration, Blood Pressure) - Videos