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AN 103: Introduction to Archaeology


AN 103: Introduction to Archaeology course content is aimed at showing how archaeology as a scientific discipline attempts to understand the cultural adaptations of human groups throughout prehistory and history and interprets the past. First, the historical context in which archaeology developed in the 19th century will be examined. Questions relating to the methods used in the discovery and identification of archaeological sites, the subsequent excavation of archaeological sites, and the analysis of archaeological remains will then be discussed. The course will also explore how archaeologists rely on other sciences, such as chemistry, geology, and biology to better analyze and ultimately understand past societies. Topics will include the formation of archaeological sites, dating techniques, and the analysis of plant, animal and human remains. With a hands-on approach, students will be presented with case scenarios using archaeological digs at known sites to better understand the process involved in reconstructing the past.

Sacred Heart University Library supports student research and inquiry into the topics covered in this course. This guide acts as a resource to students in AN 103, directing them to pertinent resources and strategies to locate needed information.

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