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Sacred Heart University Library Newsletter for Faculty 11 (May 2017)

Library Services You Should Know About

Planning ahead for the Fall: Review or create your Selected Works page

Selected WorksEvery faculty member (full-time or adjunct) can create a Selected Works page that highlights your online academic and scholarly identity, accomplishments, interests, and publications.  Over 200 SHU faculty have these already, and you can see a gallery of them here.  You can share many kinds of resources (even streaming files), and increase the discoverability of your works through a top-rated “search engine optimization” service for academia.   (This SEO service runs silently behind the scenes –you don’t have to do anything except use accurate keywords.)  You can also track views of your Selected Works site and compare those analytics with others. 

While many faculty like for-profit sites such as or disciplinary sites such as, Humanities Commons (, or SocArXiv (, one advantage of Selected Works is its University affiliation and coordination with the Digital Commons Network.  Another advantage is that you can get help from a real, live human that works on your behalf for your university.  Nothing prevents you from having both a Selected Works page, and a page on one of the disciplinary sites --or on LinkedIn, for that matter.  (--But you have to maintain those, of course.)

If you have already created a Selected Works page, summer is the ideal time to make sure it is still accurate and up to date.  Contact Bev Lysobey ( ) or Chelsea Stone ( )  for more information or help.