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Data Planet Featured Resource

by Daniel Fitzroy on 2021-04-19T16:20:00-04:00 | Comments


Data Planet

Data-Planet Statistical Datasets aggregates datasets from public and private organizations, such as OECD, China Data Online, the United Nations, and the U.S. Census. It covers topics across many subject areas, including education, population and income, industry, commerce, trade, housing and construction. Users can create custom extracts and download files in delimited, SAS, or shapefile formats.

Claritas Consumer Profiles is a premium dataset within Data Planet. Claritas, a leading provider of intelligent marketing information and target marketing, provides information about people, households, and businesses within any geographic area in the United States.

Subjects: Business, Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Brands, Consumption, and Media Planning.

Content: 12.6 billion datasets provided in a standardized format.

Claritas Content: The Claritas Consumer Profiles datasets comprise three different geo-demographic segmentation products: ConneXions®, PRIZM® Premier, and P$YCLE® Premier.

  • ConneXions, the Claritas segmentation system for communications marketers, classifies US households into 53 consumer segments based on the video, voice, and data purchasing preferences of that household.
  • PRIZM Premier classifies US households into 68 consumer segments based on household purchasing preferences and demographic and socioeconomic characteristics.
  • P$YCLE Premier, the Claritas segmentation system for financial marketers, classifies US households into 60 consumer segments based in part on the income-producing assets (IPA) of the household.

Claritas Consumer Profiles help identify groups of consumers who are as likely, more likely, or less likely than the average segment, to engage in various behaviors.

Date Coverage: 2018-2019

Mobile Friendly: No.

Tutorials: Use Data Planet Research Guides for help with:

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