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Nursing Research Guide

A One-Stop Resource for Research Assistance
  • Although originally created with nursing students in mind, the following video tutorial is helpful for anyone studying in any of the programs at the CON or the CHP as covers all the general essentials of database research. 

  • The tutorial will help familiarize you with: 
    • Important basic search strategies like breaking down your topic into key terms and phrases
    • Boolean-style searching
    • Accessing SHU Library's health sciences databases 
    • MeSH and CINAHL Headings and how to use them to potentially get better search terms
    • How to submit an interlibrary-loan request for an article directly from a library database
    • The difference between  PDF Full Text and 360Link articles in our databases (Note: Since this tutorial was made, the designation for 360Link articles in the library website has been changed to Full Text Finder)
  • Don't forget to pause or replay parts of the video whenever needed to help you as you learn about database tools and research strategies. 

If the embedded video isn't working, click the link below to be taken to the tutorial! 

Nursing and Health Science Research at Sacred Heart University