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Nursing Research Guide

A One-Stop Resource for Research Assistance
  • For assistance with research and library resources, you are encouraged to contact the health sciences librarian, Geoffrey Staysniak.
  • The health sciences librarian can be easily reached by:
  •  You can also schedule an in-person or phone meeting using the scheduler software link below. Clicking on that Schedule Appointment link will let you set up an appointment by picking a date and time slot. 

  • You can also set up an appointment to speak to your librarian over WebEx conference software, which is explained in further detail on the "Connect Through WebEx" tab on this page. 
  • Besides phone and email, you also have the option and ability to interact remotely with your health sciences librarian through WebEx conferencing software.
  • WebEx possesses screen-sharing capabilities that allow visual demonstrations to accompany the librarian's audio instructions and advice. 
  • If you would like a WebEx remote consultation, first contact the health sciences librarian and request one. 
  • You will then be sent a registration confirmation from the librarian, and then a separate WebEx email invitation that will have the link for the Personal Room (which is the hosting space for the meeting). 
  • This email invitation will be sent several days in advance of the actual meeting. If you do not receive your invitation after receiving your registration confirmation email, contact the librarian as soon as possible. 
  • Shortly before the scheduled meeting begins, access the Personal Room link that was emailed to you. If this is your first time using WebEx, then please be sure to give yourself a few minutes to get set up.

  • You'll be taken to a login page where you will need to type in your name and email (it does not have to be your school email -  any email address of yours will work). After you do this, click the "Join Meeting" button.  

  • You will then be provided with the choice of running a temporary WebEx application for your meeting, or adding a WebEx extension to Google Chrome.
  • Since the extension is for Chrome only, it will probably make the most sense to just run the temporary application. 

  • The download for the extension should appear in the lower left of your browser. 

  • Once this is opened, you will finally be taken to the meeting center, where you'll have the ability to talk to your librarian over the computer and use live screen-sharing, video chat and text chatting. 

  • If you are presented with a box for your Audio and Video Connection, make sure it is set to "No Video."

  • If you want to enable audio on your end, click the phone-shaped icon that will be on the far left of your controls. If your computer or laptop is not equipped with a microphone, don't worry - you can still talk to the librarian. Just press the word balloon-shaped chat icon in your controls. 

  • If you click the chat icon, you will be given access to a chatbox in the lower right of your screen where you can type your questions directly to the librarian, who will be the only one who  will see them. 

  • You can see an example of WebEx's screen-sharing below. The screenshot is taken from the point of a view of a participant in a WebEx meeting room. However, the image of the library website that you see inside is a shot of a live screen share from the meeting's host. 

  • When your meeting with is complete, you can exit out by clicking the X in the upper right of your screen on your page to receive a pop-up box with the option to leave  (the librarian can also end the meeting from their end).

  • If you have any questions about WebEx or think that you might like to use this option for a research consultation, don't hesitate to ask. 
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