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Nursing Research Guide

A One-Stop Resource for Research Assistance

  • If the library doesn't have a specific article or book that you're looking for, don't worry - It is likely that we will still be able to get the materials you need through our Interlibrary Loan.
  • Interlibrary Loan is the service that makes it possible for SHU students, faculty, and staff to obtain copies of books, articles, and other library materials that are not owned by SHU from other libraries. SHU Library, like many other academic libraries, both lends and borrows materials from other cooperating institutions. 
  • You can learn more about this resource and how to use it in the video tutorial below. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Interlibrary Loan: 

Question: How do I sign up for an interlibrary loan account? 

Answer: You do not need to sign up for an interlibrary loan account. As a student, you will automatically receive a personal account that you can start using whenever you'd like by logging into it on the library website using your SHU username and password. 

Question: I requested an article through interlibrary loan. Will it be sent to me electronically?

 Answer: Yes, all articles that are requested through interlibrary loan are delivered in electronic format. Depending on the library that we receive them from, they will either be deposited and made accessible through your ILL account or emailed directly to you. 

Question: How long does it usually take for a requested article to arrive?

Answer: On average it takes about 2-3 business days (Monday-Friday). However, it could easily take less or more time depending on what article you need. Plan accordingly and be sure to start your research early so you won't be troubled by waiting periods. 

Question: How long can I keep an interlibrary loan article for? 

Answer: Articles delivered into your interlibrary loan account will have both time limits (usually 30 days before they expire and disappear from your account) and view limits (usually 5-10). However, if download your ILL articles and save them onto your computer, then you will have them for as long as you want.