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Ryan Matura Library Newsletter for Faculty 9 (September 2016)

Number 9, September 2016

A Resource You Should Know About

LiteratiLiterati by Credo is a kind of discovery service especially useful for those beginning to propose, write, or a research a paper or project.  Literati focuses both on high-quality factual reference resources and filtered search results from databases, catalogs, and newspapers to provide over 10,000 topic pages covering every subject with combined result on one page, both from resources discoverable on the open web to the licensed resources available to SHU students, faculty, and staff.

For example, you can search a very broad term such as climate change, and receive results that identify three topic pages: climate change, global warming, and Kyoto Protocol, followed by links to high-quality digital reference books and entries from resources that suggest more focused research.  Results from the search climate change bayesian will then explore decision theories about climate change.  You can narrow searches by facets such as collection, subject, media, person (etc.), or particular databases grouped by subject area.  For example, coral bleaching can be narrowed by media to see maps, images, and videos –and Literati will suggest related terms.

Literati offers a host of tools.  For reading-disabled students, results can be heard via ReadSpeaker (a speech-reading application).   Users can create an interactive “mind map” of terms that can show relationships visually.  Literati hosts tools to provide such as definitions, pronunciations, information about persons, searches for images, and even a crossword solver.

Best of all, Literati will return very similar results for every user, regardless of previous search history or algorithmically-suggested biases.  Resources, searches, and information can be permanently linked, and easy to locate again.   If users establish personal accounts (independent of SHU ID + password), users can save and re-use search results, and customize the dashboard so that important tools are always handy.

Literati can be easily integrated into a Blackboard course shell, class instruction, and tutorials.  An academic library can be overwhelming for students –some are reluctant even to try to use it, sometimes called “library anxiety.”  Literati by Credo can help to sort out confusions and build good research habits –appropriate for almost any level of study and research.