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WCOB Luxembourg: A Guide to Finding Online Business Resources: Accessing the Harvard Business Review (HBR)

Notice to WCOB Students & Faculty about HBR

Please Read!

In August 2013, Harvard Business Review (HBR) changed access to 500 popular articles and they became "read only," meaning one cannot print, download, or create permalinks to them.  To see the full 500 list, please follow this link.  In addition, we are not able to make any HBR articles accessible as electronic reserves or in course packs.  Specific permission must be obtained for such course use, and it is very expensive; SHU has not yet investigated or provided funding for this extended permission.  Please see HBR’s official notice of use restrictions below:

Harvard Business Review Notice of Use Restrictions, May 2009 Harvard Business Review and Harvard Business Publishing Newsletter content on EBSCOhost is licensed for the private individual use of authorized EBSCOhost users. It is not intended for use as assigned course material in academic institutions nor as corporate learning or training materials in businesses. Academic licensees may not use this content in electronic reserves, electronic course packs, persistent linking from syllabi or by any other means of incorporating the content into course resources. Business licensees may not host this content on learning management systems or use persistent linking or other means to incorporate the content into learning management systems. Harvard Business Publishing will be pleased to grant permission to make this content available through such means. For rates and permission, contact

Because of this, I am providing step by step instructions below on how to access and read HBR articles in Business Source Premier.  Keep in mind that if an article is on the “500 list,” one cannot download, print or link to it; you can only read it online in your browser.  However, all other articles from HBR may be downloaded, printed, or linked.

Finding HBR Articles in Business Source Premier

1.  From the SHU Library website,, click the By Subject link in the Browse Databases box.

2.  Here you will find SHU Library's databases listed according to subject area, Busines Source Premier is under Business.  Click the link to Business Source Premier and the database should open.

3.  Once you have opened a new searching session in Business Source Premier, you can either:

a. Search for keywords in HBR.  You can indicate your keywords in the top search box and leave the default "Select a Field (optional)" search (this is really just a keyword search).  In the box beneath this, enter "Harvard Business Review" in the search box and select "SO Publication Name" from the drop down box.


b. Search for your article's title in HBR.  Enter your article's title in the top most box and change the drop down box to "TI Title."  In the box beneath this, enter "Harvard Business Review" in the search box and select "SO Publication Name" from the drop down box. 

See screenshots below for searching by keyword and searching by article title: 

a. Keyword search in HBR:

b. Article title search in HBR:

4.  Once you have found an entry for your article, you will notice links beneath the citation to HTML Full Text and/or PDF Full Text.  (Both HTML and PDF versions are not available for all HBR articles.)  You can either click the title of your article to open the full citation and abstract or select the HTML or PDF link to open the full text of the article.  Remember, that for the 500 read-only articles, you will only be able to open and read the article's PDF version, you will not be able to download or print (or copy the link and access it later). 

You can see an example of the limited access notice below:

5.  Finally, after you have opened your article's citation in Business Source Premier, there are several useful tools on the right side menu that may help you with saving and emailing your citation and citing your article.  The Cite link will format your citation in your chosen citation style.