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Public Health Research Guide

SHU Library Databases

  1. Go to Research Support in the main navigation bar near the top of the screen
  2. Choose Databases by Subject
  3. And then click Health Sciences.
  • Avoid focusing any research on just one or two databases, and instead research your topic across several databasesWhile there is overlap between the health sciences databases, there are also many journals that are accessible only through specific databases. So by limiting yourself to which databases you use, you may potentially miss out on quality resources

Free Online Databases

  • The following are quality resources that you can access online for free. 
  • Be aware that in some of the search engines here (like Pubmed or Google Scholar), many of the articles will not be available in full text. Instead, they will be inaccessible behind a subscription paywall.
  • We request that you never purchase an article online for your research. Instead, please use the library's Citation Linker or Journal Finder to check and see if we have a specific article available in full text in our databases. If we don't have an item, you can request it through our interlibrary loan