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Social Work Research Guide

An introduction to finding Social Work Resources

Recommended Databases

On the Developing a Research Question page, you learned about QuickSearch, which allows you to search across all of the library's resources. This can help you become more familiar with your research topic in general, and help you narrow a broad topic down to a more manageable research question. 

On this page, I've listed specific databases that you can search to dive deeper into your topic. Each database specializes in a particular subject or discipline. Depending on your own research question, you might search one or all of the databases individually to find the information you need. 

If you're still struggling with a broad topic, consider using the resources below.

The Encyclopedia of Social Work is a continuously updated resource and tool. It contains over 800 articles on key topics ranging from international issues to ethical standards. 

Opposing Viewpoints compiles information about a broad topic from multiple perspectives. Topic pages include academic journals, as well as newspaper and magazine articles, statistics and even audio clips. This can help you get better acquainted with an issue or topic before developing your own research question about it.

Academic Search Premier is a general database that has articles representing different subjects. Searching this database can help you become more familiar with general research on your topic.

Books and eBooks

Most of your research will be done through peer-reviewed research articles, but sometimes you'll need to find a book. Use the Library Catalog search box below to find the books you need!

Search for Books and eBooks