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Study Abroad

Information for SHU students who are interested in studying abroad.


CC BY 2.0 Rome by David Evers

John Cabot University

John Cabot University Official Site -  Here you'll find all the information you'll need about this American college that operates in the very heart of one of the culturally and historically richest cities in the world. 

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The following recommended resources are available for those planning on applying to or are already traveling to Italy. Some are available on at the SHU Library for physical checkout only, but others are library ebooks that students can access and read only anywhere, including abroad. 

Vatican City

Vatican City State was founded on February 11th 1929.

Saint Peter's Basilica, the Vatican Gardens and more! Get information about the Vatican City State on their official website.

By Cronholm144 created this image using a file by User:Hautala - File:Emblem of Vatican City State.svg, who had created his file using PD art from Open Clip Art Library and uploaded on 13 July 2006. User talk:F l a n k e r uploaded this version on 12 December, 2007. The original design is attributed to the Vatican City in Rome and an unknown artist. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Know Italy Better

  • Italian Tourism Official Site - Offers information about visiting the country of Italy.
  • Rome Capital Tourism - A great resource for news, events and itineraries. There is information about districts, not to be missed sites, arriving in Rome, tourist information and details about the Roma Pass. You can download apps, check the weather and plan routes.
  • Milan Tourism - This will help you organize a trip that will allow you to experience the art, culture and events taking place in the city of Milan.
  • Florence Tourism - This will help you discover Florence, and provide information about where to stay, what to eat, shopping, events, etc. 

Map of Italy

By Map of Italy-it.svg: F l a n k e r derivative work: Krysis (Map of Italy-it.svg) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Drone's Eye View