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Study Abroad

Information for SHU students who are interested in studying abroad.

Castle Near Luxembourg. Photo by GukHwa Jang

Specialist Assistance

  • SHU in Luxembourg - Office of Global Affairs site.
  • For the students who are studying at the Luxembourg campus and are taking one of the many business classes in the program, be aware that you have program-specific resources available through the SHU Library back home.
    • Your primary resource is Elizabeth (Libby) Knapik, the university's business librarian, who will be more than happy to answer any questions that you email her with and assist you with any difficulties that you may be encountering.  

Travel Resources

The following recommended resources are available for those planning on applying to or are already traveling to Luxembourg. Some are available on at the SHU Library only for physical checkout, but others are library ebooks that students can access and read only anywhere, including abroad. 

Know Your Neighbors Better

Don't forget the opportunities for travel and exploration that await you not too far away on all sides! Just click the country name to be taken to its official tourism website. 

Know Luxembourg City Better

  • Luxembourg City Tourist Office - A helpful resource that provides an events calendar for all that's taking place in the city at any given time, information on its museums, historic sites and other places of interest, dining recommendations, and other useful information. 
  • Visit Luxembourg - Tells you where you can visit in the grand duchy at large, what to do, provides recommendations for lodging, restaurants and more!

Places to Visit


By Quizimodo (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons