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Study Abroad

Information for SHU students who are interested in studying abroad.

Dingle, Ireland

The Dingle Peninsula has been described as “the most beautiful place on earth” and winters there are surprisingly mild. Accommodations are modern 2 or 3 bedroom cottages within a short walking distance to the classroom building. Students enroll in one course, ED 341/541 “Irish and American Education in Comparative Perspective.”

Students will be introduced to the students and teachers of Dingle, Ireland and experience the Irish education system up-close and personal. You will observe classrooms in action, learn from Irish teachers and administrators, and meet teacher candidates and their professors. Open to all students in FCE teacher preparation programs, the course counts in lieu of Education in the United States or it serves as an MAT elective.

For more information on program in Dingle, Ireland, contact Prof. Mike Giarratano, or 203-365-4707.

For complete information about the Dingle experience, check out the websites linked below.


Given the growth of international business, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg provides an excellent setting for an MBA education . Its population clearly represents the cultural diversity of the region; in fact more than 30 percent of its 400,000 inhabitants originate from other countries. Economically, Luxembourg is one of the most vibrant countries in Western Europe, representing a variety of businesses and industries including manufacturing, finance, insurance and natural resources. In addition, Luxembourg is home to the largest concentration of banks in the European community.

For information about studying in Luxembourg, visit the website linked below.

Rome, Italy

The Sacred Heart University Freshman Fall in Rome program is located at our partner institution, John Cabot University. John Cabot University, an accredited American University, is located along the banks of the Tiber River in the vibrant Trastevere quarter — historically known as the artists’ district — on the grounds of the prestigious Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei where Galileo once lived and worked. The University combines the academic quality of an independent, accredited university while giving you the services and care of a study abroad program. JCU is an American university so you will find the academic structure similar to a university in the U.S. John Cabot University faculty, staff, and students are proud to be part of an American university overseas with a unique and friendly student population of Italians, Americans, and international students.