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International Business (BU 278) - Prof. Dhingra: Company Web Sites

Company Websites – a trustworthy source of information?

Many times, a company's own website is a good source of information. It can provide information about current company events, products, divisions and governance policies. Something important to keep in mind though is that a company website is primarily a public relations document. Therefore, you need to carefully evaluate information found on the website, and keep in mind that the company isn't likely to offer any information that isn't positive. So, while a company’s website is an easy and convenient source of information, it should not be your only source when gathering company data.

A company website's main focus is to display and sell products. The information that you, as a student, are looking for will be accessible via a link, usually titled corporate or company information.

A screen shot from McDonald's website is pasted below - you will see the link to "Corporate" circled in blue at the bottom of the screen shot. 


The "Corporate" link will bring you to their investor information page, where you can find stock prices, recent news, a company profile, financial and annual reports, and more.