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Law provides the framework whereby we resolve our all too frequent conflicts, making reference, as we do, to principles of our shared moral philosophy. With the wise application of this method, we can restrain tyranny and ensure fairness in our dealings.

Connecticut Judicial Branch Catalog

The Connecticut Judicial Branch Law Libraries Catalog allows users to locate a full range of law materials at courthouse law libraries throughout the state.

Law Collections & Legal Encyclopedias

Because law impacts on all aspects of human endeavor, it is relevant to all of our scholarly disciplines.  Our law collections are both a thick, detailed portion of the historical record, and a key resource in understanding current events.  These collections provide students with an opportunity to found more of their conclusions on primary sources and with a means to pursue their studies with multiplied interest, increased rigor, greater independence. 

WestLaw Next

WestLaw is a powerful online legal database tool which includes a wide range of American case law (with West's annotations and Key Number system), statutes, and regulations. Many law journals are also included in the subscription, as well as some legal briefs to the courts.

WestLaw Next 

When linking to the WestLaw Next subscription, you may encounter warnings that the website is "not safe." This is because of conflicts between the SHU system and the security certificate for WestLaw. If you have linked from the library home page and entered your SHU authentication information, you can continue to WestLaw by clicking on the "Advanced" link.

A detailed Help Guide is available for WestLaw Next Campus Research.

Selected Treatises & Casebooks

Legal treatises provide expert and comprehensive treatment of an area of law.  Casebooks provide carefully selected, edited materials relevant to an area of law.  Together these tools are the mainstay of students seeking to navigate through law materials.  

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