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PubMed: The World's Most Comprehensive Biomedical Database: Saved Searches: My NCBI

Save and Update Your Favorite Searches!

Saving your search & automatic e-mail updates:

  • 1 Sign in to My NCBI.
  • 2 Run or preview your search. You may use History numbers in your search, however, PubMed processes from left to right so order your search statement numbers with this in mind, or use parentheses for nesting.
  • 3 Click the Save Search link next to the search box Go button.
  • 4 You may edit the name of the search. The maximum number of characters for the search name is 100. The name of the saved search will be included in the Subject of the automatic e-mail update messages.
  • 5 Click Save.
  • 6 Fill in the Save Search Settings form if you would like to receive automatic e-mail updates of new search results.
  • 7 Click the set an e-mail address link if you have not already saved one. This address will be used for all e-mail updates for the account.
  • 8 Select the frequency of your updates. E-mailed updates will be sent daily on the scheduled days starting from the appropriate day after the schedule is set.
  • 9 Set the Format to HTML or Text.
  • 10 You may also change the report format, number of items to be sent, or add additional text (up to 200 characters) to the automatic updates.
  • 11 Click Save.
  • 12 To change or create a schedule for a saved search select My Saved Data, click the Saved Searches Manage link, and then click Edit for the saved search.


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