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Circulation and User Services Department: Honors Study Rooms

Explains what services are available to students, staff, faculty, alums and visitors.


All Study Rooms Must Be Booked Online

You MUST be a currently registered Honors student at Sacred Heart University to use the space, as they are dedicated solely for the purpose of Honors Student study. 

A current SHU ID will be required to be left with the Circulation Staff.

Honors students may request a room for a maximum of three (3) hours PER DAY.  Time blocks are broken into half hour increments.  Rooms are located on the upper level of the library.


  • These rooms are for Honors students only.  You must be on the current Honors Student list.
  •  The room MUST be vacated when the group’s allotted time is over.
  • If you arrive late, (15 minutes or longer past the time you have the room signed out for), the room may be given to the next group waiting.
  • If you leave the room and take your items and ID with you, the room will be deemed VACATED and may be given to another student.
  • The noise level must be kept to a minimum since these rooms are not totally enclosed.
  • Inappropriate behavior, as elsewhere in the library, will be cause for removal from the room and possibly barred from future use.
  • Neither the Library nor the University will be held responsible for unattended, lost, stolen or damaged personal items.  
  • Unattended personal property may not be used to “hold” a room by any student.

If you have any questions about group study room reservations, please contact the Circulation Desk at 203-371-7702.

Honors study rooms are located on the upper level.  Go to the Circulation desk to check a room out.

How to book an Honors Student study room

From the library web page, click on the "Using the Library" tab along the top of the page or use the direct link at the bottom of the page.  Click on the "Honors Study Rooms" link.  At the bottom of the page, click on "Book an Honors Study Room Now."  This will lead you to the calendar where you can schedule a room for a specific date and time.