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New and Noteworthy Books

Radiography in the Digital Age

This 3rd edition of Radiography in the Digital Age was peer-reviewed by five colleagues who brought many valuable corrections and improvements to the text. The entire textbook has been converted to metric units, and to Systeme International (SI) units for radiation biology and protection.

Pathophysiology Made Incredibly Easy!

Stressed about the ins and outs of pathophysiology? Gain confidence, with the newly updated Pathophysiology Made Incredibly Easy! ®, 6th Edition . Offering helpful learning aids that boost your understanding and retention, this colorfully illustrated, enjoyable text offers all the vitals: cell development, the infection process, cancer warning signs, abnormal cell growth, and more. Packed with easy-to-remember definitions and plentiful illustrations, this supportive guide is the ideal study partner and on-the-job reference for new nurses, students, and all healthcare practitioners.

Student Workbook for Radiography in the Digital Age

This Student Workbook for Radiography in the Digital Age is specifically designed for in-classroom use with the series PowerPoint Slides for Radiography in the Digital Age. Together with the textbook itself and the Instructor Resources CD, these products complete a full package of educational resources tailored for radiography courses in the Physics of Radiography, Principles of Imaging, Digital Image Acquisition and Display, and Radiation Biology and Protection.

Medical Terminology Made Incredibly Easy!

Feeling overwhelmed by medical terminology? Grab a lifeline: the newly updated Medical Terminology Made Incredibly Easy!®, 4th Edition offers clear and simple explanations of vital terms and their everyday use in nursing practice. Backed by humor and chock full of illustrations, this enjoyable text is the perfect backup to class materials and the ideal on-the-job refresher for experienced nurses and all healthcare professionals.

Wright & Leahey's nurses and families : a guide to family assessment and intervention

Family assessment and intervention : an overview -- Theoretical foundations of the Calgary Family Assessment and Intervention Models -- The Calgary Family Assessment Model -- The Calgary Family Intervention Model -- Family nursing interviews : stages and skills -- How to prepare for family interviews -- How to conduct family interviews -- How to use questions in family interviewing -- How to do a 15-minute (or shorter) family interview -- How to move beyond basic family nursing skills -- How to avoid the three most common errors in family nursing -- How to terminate with families -- Pulling it all together.

Mosby's 2021 Nursing Drug Reference

Trusted for over 25 years, this portable, full-color drug reference is easy to navigate and provides safety features that help you practice knowledgeable, safe medication dispensing. Content on more than 5,000 generic and brand-name drugs covers almost every drug you are likely to encounter in clinicals.

Palliative Care Nursing

The aging population has only grown since the first edition of this comprehensive and seminal publication nearly 20 years ago. Based on the need to humanize rather than medicalize the illness experience for patients, this text delves into palliative care beyond the specific diseases affecting the patient. Instead, content focuses on the whole person and family.