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How to Find Images & How to Use Them: Science & Health Science Images

An introduction to searching for images and using them

Scientific images propelled the development of illustrations in the history of the book.  Images in the sciences and health sciences are valuable both as evidence and explanation.  Many scientific images are under copyright.  Almost all of those sources listed on this page are either freely and purposely available for educational and academic use, or licensed for use by Sacred Heart University Library (SHU ID login required).

Find Science Images in...

TRIP Medical and Health Images

TRIP clinical research evidence database provides image and video searches.

After you search TRIP and see your results, scroll down the "Evidence type" panel on the right side of the window. Find links to Images or Videos (just above "Further Refinements").  Image results are not calculated, so no number will appear with Images or Videos (but there are still image or video results!).

Credo Reference Health and Medicine Images

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Credo Reference helps you start your health sciences or medical research with specialized health articles containing images.