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How to Find Images & How to Use Them: News Images

An introduction to searching for images and using them

News and media images and videos (photojournalism and video journalism) are both critically important for understanding contemporary events and issues, and almost always under copyright.  While Fair Use (see tab on this research guide) protects many clearly academic uses (papers, classroom presentations, theses & dissertations, and videos produced to fulfill and academic assignment), great care must be taken with news images and videos in any other context, including publicizing university events.  Because news and media images can be faked, verifying information about any image is essential, insofar as possible.

Google Images search can provide links to many news images. but ownership and copyright status of those images is frequently difficult to determine.  In addition, Google ranks image search results by weighing popularity as well as other factors, and there is no guarantee that an image located via Google will either be genuine or legally reproduced elsewhere.  Google Images can be a convenient place to begin to search for images, but finding the right (genuine, legal) image often will require other sites and searches.

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