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AN 299: Humans and the Ice Age: Finding Books

A Guide to Support Student Research

Books and eBooks

When you think libraries, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Books, probably. The SHU Library has a collection of physical books and eBooks. As you may have noticed, our building is small. For that reason, we have invested our money to getting eBooks so that students on campus and online can get access to the materials they need.

You can search for books by clicking over to the Books tab on the library's home page. 

You can type in the title if you're looking for a particular book, an author name, or just a set of keywords. If the item is an eBook, you will see a View eBook button that links to the full text of the book.

If the item is a physical book, you can click on the Sacred Heart University Ryan-Matura Library link to check the book's availability and location.

What if you want a book the SHU Library doesn't have?

If you need a book that the SHU Library does not have, don't despair! You can request a book through the InterLibrary Loan or ILL system. ILL allows you to request an item from another university or library. Give yourself some time, though, especially when requesting a book. Physical items are shipped here, so it's not a good option if you're crunched for time.

Exploring the Shelves

If you want to simply browse the shelves of the Ryan Matura Library for materials, you can look for works on Anthropology by call number. Use the subclass designations at the beginning of the call number to direct you to information on the topic of your choice. Below is a list of the Library of Congress subclass call numbers for Anthropology:

  • CC   Archaeology
  • GF   Human Ecology, Anthropogeography
  • GN   Anthropology
  • GR   Folklore