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AN 299: Humans and the Ice Age: Finding Journal Articles & Databases

A Guide to Support Student Research

Database - Databases are online resources that the library subscribes to (& pays for!) that contain articles and other information from print sources such as magazines, newspapers, journals and reference books.  This information is not necessarily freely available on the web; you may find bits and pieces of it, but these databases are powerful, sophisticated tools for gathering, compiling, organizing and making this data accessible to you.

SHU Library subscribes to both article databases and reference databases that provide facts, statistics, and background information.

Diving into Subject-Focused Databases

QuickSearch provides a wide overview of resources available on a topic. Because it is searching across a bunch of different resources, you'll get some things that are not as relevant. 

If you want to make sure the journal articles you find are oriented towards your subject area, you can focus on subject-specific databases.

Database by Subject

Because anthropology and archeology are not found in the subject listings below, considering focusing on subject areas like Global Studies, History, Political Science, and/or Social Work. Depending on your research topic, these subject areas are likely to have content relevant to your research needs.

Additionally, feel free to examine the suggested multi-disciplinary databases in the box to the right for archeology and anthropology research.

Key Databases