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QuickSearch Explained: Home

Explanation of the library's QuickSearch discovery search and the the scope of its coverage.

What Am I Searching With QuickSearch

QuickSearch allows you to search hundreds of millions of items simultaneously, including:

  • SHU LIbrary Collections
  • The books, e-books and media we've always had in our catalog
  • SHU's digital collections
  • SHU's Electronic Disserations and Theses
  • Research databases like ERIC, MEDLINE, ARTstor and others
  • E-Journal collections like JSTOR and Science Direct
  • Legal, governmental and archival materials

Using QuickSearch

QuickSearch retrieves items that satisfy your search terms from the collections of the SHU Library, from individual publishers and from open-access scholarly repositories.  For more in-depth research, you'll also want to consult our Database Portal to search content in individual database that isn't necessarily included within QuickSearch